About Us

ASFIR designs, manufactures, and installs 4X4 accessories for civilian and military vehicles. Our modifications are designed to protect off-road vehicles and enhance the personal safety of drivers and passengers. Out parts are manufactured to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. We have three decades of success in the off-road world, including vast experience with the military and Special Forces.

ASFIR support a wide range of brands such as Jeep, Toyota, Chevy, Ford, and Polaris.



Modification of vehicles for special military missions
Asfir 4x4 Combat-proven Milestones:

  •     Over the past 3 decades, ASFIR has been involved in many projects modifying vehicles for special missions.
  •     Among these military activities, ASFIR has adapted some Jeep models to the extreme needs of IDF Elite units.
  •     Lebanon operations, 1986 Unique installations for Special Units – Jeep CJ6
  •     Palestinian Intifada 1992, Modification of Border Patrol vehicles - Jeep YJ
  •     Gaza Operation 2006, Command- and Special-use vehicle upgrade - Jeep TJ

Four Building Blocks:

Through many years of experience have enabled us to develop our four building blocks, performance, safety, maintenance, and sophistication.

Performance - Maximum protection with minimal weight

  •     Unique designs for Special forces.
  •     Parts made of aluminum – strong yet light.
  •     Vehicles flown by helicopter over long distances behind enemy lines.

Safety - Maintaining the combat vehicle

  •     Protecting the vehicle over long and difficult missions
  •     Developing exclusive suspension systems for military vehicles
  •     Providing speed, precision and stable driving
  •     Bringing soldiers home safely

Maintenance - Maintaining the combat vehicle

  •     ASFIR military modifications maintain the vehicle’s original specs.
  •     Improve the vehicle’s operational state.

Sophistication - Sophisticated components

  •     ASFIR Military vehicle improvements are built to support:
  •     Extreme operational conditions
  •     Extensive travel over rough terrain
  •     Intensive use
  •     Multiple tasks

Transitioning to the civilian market

Performance - Maximum protection with minimal weight

  •     Planning based on Special ops experience in which vehicles remain light
  •     Parts are made of aluminum – strong yet light.
  •     less fuel needed, less wear on the vehicle.

Safety - Pasenger safety

  •     The vehicle skid plate protection system helps keep passengers safe while driving difficult off-road conditions (front, under-parts, sides, rear)
  •     Development and installation of high quality suspension systems suited to any off-road model and improve driving stability and safety

Maintenance - Preserving the vehicle

  •     The ASFIR vehicle skid plate kit maintains the vehicle’s chassis thanks to its separate components
  •     The kit is attached to the Manufacturer’s original holes with bolts, thus no additional drilling or welding is done
  •     The components of the skid plate kit have convenient service openings, enabling easy access

Sophistication - Unique specifications

  •     External reinforcement ribs
  •     Dirt drainage holes
  •     Rubber separation units
  •     Steel brackets to connect to the chassis
  •     Noise-reducing rubber components
  •     Bent steel brackets that absorb pressure from below
  •     DIY kit - All protection kit components are easily assembled by anyone